Ateliere Creative Technologies and TMT Insights Announce Strategic Partnership To Maximize Efficiencies with Optimized Media Supply Chain

Jointly providing a solution to modernize asset readiness, accelerate workflows and realize cost efficiencies

DALLAS, TX, CENTURY CITY, CA – April 2, 2024 – TMT Insights and Ateliere Creative Technologies today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the adoption and optimization of cloud-based media supply chain workflows promoting greater operational and cost efficiencies for content owners, distributors, and broadcasters. In an industry grappling with the constraints of outdated Media Asset Management (MAM) systems, this partnership will offer media organizations a blueprint for managing their assets and work orders in a way that significantly boosts efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Combining a wealth of experience and specialized skills within media and entertainment, content supply chain, and cloud technologies, TMT Insights offers system integration and development services combined with industry-leading offerings such as strategy and CXO advisory, cloud migration, process and workflow re-engineering. 

At the center of the offering is Ateliere’s proprietary FrameDNA™ technology, which is available as part of its cloud-native media supply chain platform, Ateliere Connect. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), FrameDNA™ identifies and removes redundant content and simplifies the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) creation workflow. FrameDNA™ facilitates the seamless generation of components ready for distribution and identifies duplicates among multiple content versions, retaining only the differences between versions, eliminating storage redundancies, and consolidating the necessary material into IMF packages. Its use of AI and machine learning (ML) enables advanced content recognition, automates tedious tasks, and makes intelligent suggestions for asset utilization, further enhancing operational efficiencies. This not only accelerates the content preparation process but also ensures that media assets are managed and distributed more effectively across the supply chain.

“The reality today is that migrating to cloud-based technologies can be daunting and time consuming,” says Dan Goman, CEO of Ateliere Creative Technologies. “With a need to rapidly innovate while retaining premium quality and confidence, customers require a solution that will accelerate their business transformation and decrease the time to ROI.”

TMT Insights’ role in this partnership is crucial in bridging the identified inefficiencies and gaps within current media workflows. Their robust understanding of media and content supply chain offers a strategic approach in designing, implementing, and executing new workflows to accelerate the smooth transition to more efficient processes.

“By partnering with TMT Insights, we’re offering an innovative and holistic approach to business transformation that enables the key stakeholders across the organization access to the guidance required to optimize their modern media supply chains for greater predictability, efficiency, and resiliency,” adds Goman. 

As a trusted advisor to the world’s leading media companies, TMT Insights will facilitate seamless integration of the full suite of Ateliere’s offerings, unifying media operations and technology to ensure customers are maximizing efficiencies and accelerating the transformation of their businesses. 

“We’re pleased to join with Ateliere to unleash greater value from today’s media asset management and content supply chain workflows,” said Andy Shenkler, CEO of TMT Insights. “The synergy between our strategic expertise and software development services, coupled with Ateliere’s technological innovations, is setting a new standard for media asset management and supply chain efficiency, empowering media companies to keep pace with the demands of the digital age.”

The partnership between TMT Insights and Ateliere offers an exceptional solution for media organizations battling the limitations of traditional MAM systems. Integrating Ateliere solutions in conjunction with existing or new MAM infrastructure, organizations can expect substantial improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and content management.