The platform designed to
support the complex navigation required for both
your business
and your operation.

Whether you’re looking for an at-a-glance trend chart or need to “double tap” and drill deeper, Polaris enables users to monitor the health of their business, analyze processes, and surface actionable insights via an interactive and customizable UI.

“Over the last several years, we have made a concerted effort to unify our multiple supply chains across companies. With each having varying degrees of functionality spanning numerous technology products, this led to challenges around communication, duplication of efforts, disjointed workflows, and operational complexities. There was a clear need to remove those inefficiencies, improve control over our global supply chain, and accelerate our ability to efficiently produce and distribute content anywhere.”

Dave Travis

Group Director of Content, Broadcast & Platforms, Sky

“New deals come up quickly with wildly varying different technical requirements – to keep up, we needed a solution that was simultaneously agile and adaptable to change, but also robust and good at scaling up and running well over a long period of time. Equally important was making sure that non-developers have the technical information and abilities to manage our growing volume of deliveries, giving them the tools and make it easy to deliver, track and manage, while also having the meaningful information they need to understand the unique complexities of each job.”

Dave Klee

Vice President of Strategic Media Solutions, A+E Networks

“The combination of Rally with Polaris ensures that operators have an easy-to-use system that can scale to meet ever-growing content throughput requirements.”

Simon Alder

Senior Vice Presiden of North American Sales, SDVI

“Embarking on our digital transformation, we knew we needed a best-in-class solution to support our existing business and be right-sized for our strategic growth in the years to come. Collectively, SDVI Rally & TMT’s Polaris has provided us with the technical & operational support to be ready for the ever changing demands of the industry while empowering our team with the tools they need to ensure high quality rapid-turnaround service to our clients.”

Erin Collins

President, Los Angeles Distribution Broadcasting (LADB)

“As the global leader in anime, Crunchyroll needs deep insight into our fandom, and the technology and data we use, maintain, and employ is critical to our success. With TMT‘s expertise and the capabilities of the Rally platform, we have a partner who understands our business and can help us achieve our fan-first growth.”

Rahul Purini

President, Crunchyroll

“Our relationship with TMT Insights ensures that customers who need design and deployment assistance when modernizing their media supply chains can work with a trusted partner, validated by SDVI. TMT’s expertise with our Rally platform, and the company’s ability to provide the kind of services that our customers need, will accelerate the design, deployment, and optimization of their cloud-based supply chains.”

Andy Brinck

Vice President of Alliances, SDVI


  • Order & Task Management
  • Job & Task Management
  • Dynamic Workflow Timeline
  • Threaded Communication
  • Review & Approval
  • Launch Pad for Compliance & Editing
  • Asset / File Manager
  • Browse Cloud & On-Prem Storage
  • View Transfer Queue
  • Surface Data & Analytics
  • Unify Access to 3rd party Softwares for:
    • Title & Metadata Management
    • Workflow Orchestration
    • Financial Reporting

Additional Collaboration required for

  • Creation of Enterprise messaging / event bus
  • Data mapping of workflow & operation workflows
  • Asset hierarchy configuration

Deployment & Implementation

Standard time to deploy ~3 months

  • Discovery and Design
  • Build by TMT w/hands on keyboard support
  • Testing / Training

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