Key Clients

We embrace the power of collaboration and work with our partners to combine our guidance with action to further drive efficiency, value, and scale to their communities.

“As the global leader in anime, Crunchyroll needs deep insight into our fandom, and the technology and data we use, maintain and employ is critical to our success. With TMT’s expertise and the capabilities of the Rally platform, we have a partner who understands our business and can help us achieve our fan-first growth.”

Rahul Purini

President at Crunchyroll

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“Over the last several years, we have made a concerted effort to unify our multiple supply chains across companies. With each having varying degrees of functionality spanning numerous technology products, this led to challenges around communication, duplication of efforts, disjointed workflows, and operational complexities. There was a clear need to remove those inefficiencies, improve control over our global supply chain, and accelerate our ability to efficiently produce and distribute content anywhere.”

Dave Travis

Group Director of Content, Broadcast & Platforms at Sky

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“With expertise in media supply chain and content management, coupled with deep experience servicing the major studios, TMT Insights is innately aligned with the principles driving the TPN program and is uniquely equipped to help us create a more flexible model that facilitates broader participation in the program. By introducing new capabilities such as self-reporting and improving the efficiency of the TPN assessment process, the platform TMT Insights is developing will improve communications between all stakeholders and help enable vendors to become a part of TPN’s global registry of ‘trusted partner’ companies.”

Terri Davies

President at TPN

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