Environmental Responsibility Policy

TMT Global Environmental Responsibility Policy

Effective as of May 2022

Climate change and environmental sustainability present challenges and opportunities for the Company and our stakeholders. To address these, the Company is committed to incorporating leading environmental practices into its business strategy and operations and fostering environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees, clients, suppliers, and other interested parties within the context of our business.

Our priorities:


  • Encourage environmental awareness among our employees and provide environmental learning opportunities.
  • Develop programs to harness employee enthusiasm and offer opportunities for employees to collaborate on our journey to improve environmental performance.

Clients and Suppliers

  • Engage with our clients to consider the environmental impact of how we deliver our work and support them in addressing their own environmental impacts.
  • Consider environmental factors when procuring goods and services.
  • Assess the environmental performance of our key suppliers, expecting improvement in their environmental performance as well as our own.
  • Strive to advance environmental sustainability by serving as a collaborator, convener and thought leader.

Natural Resources

  • Seeking to minimize our consumption of natural resources through procurement opportunities and operational conservation.
  • Aiming to reuse and recycle where opportunities exist, which may include managing waste such as e-waste and water where relevant to our business.

Compliance Obligations

Comply with all applicable environmental compliance obligations in the management of our operations.

In delivering on this policy, the Company is committed to a program of continual improvement and will set objectives and targets, measure progress against them and, where appropriate, share our key metrics with stakeholders. Targets will be reviewed annually to ensure they remain appropriate and achievable.