Leadership Spotlight: Women of TMT Insights

Meet Kristie Fung, Executive Leader of our Product & Program Management team. Like many other female executives, Kristie is also a daughter, sister, wife, mother and proud member of the AAPI community. Her ability to lead our team while rapidly multi-tasking and shifting priorities, not just from day-to-day but in most cases minute-to-minute, is nothing short of impressive.

We asked Kristie to share what inspires her to be the leader she is today and she says:

“As I look back into the leaders of my family and their journeys, as well as look forward into the future that lies ahead for my son, it’s important to me that we start changing the narrative through action. By fostering a workplace that encompasses people of all backgrounds we hold the ability to encourage work/life balance while still recognizing and promoting success.”

A true backbone of our team, Denise Soto, Product Management Leader here at TMT. While Product is just one hat that Denise wears during her day-to-day, it’s her relentless attention to detail and creative approach that are just part of what makes her instrumental to executing the vision for our clients as well as seeing through our internal strategies.

We asked Denise to share what “break the bias” means to her and she says:

“Along my journey in Media & Entertainment, I am continually inspired by the amount of women I see paving their way through the industry into positions that were previously only occupied by men.”

We’d like to introduce you to Madi Jacobs, our Senior Software Development & Engineering Leader.

A key pillar of our TMT family, please pause and take a moment as Madi reflects on what her journey has been like as she navigates both the technology and LGBTQ+ communities.

“As a trans woman, visibility is very important to me. I hid who I was for many years, worried that coming out would mean the end of my career. Software development is a traditionally male dominated field, and while things are changing, it was still a huge worry of mine. I am thankful to work in a company that is supportive of my transition and was inclusive from the start. My hope is that being visible will also help others live their truth and know they are not alone. I also hope other companies will follow TMT’s example.” – Madi Jacobs

We stand strong with Madi and all members of the LGBTQ+ community as we continue to make progress to achieve equal rights and equity within all workplaces. A small reminder to all that the journey to inclusion lives in everyday workplace interactions, organizational policies, and processes.

Meet Hannah Barnhardt, COO.

“In a male dominated industry, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a community that encouraged and supported my success not only through words but through tactical action – a seat at the table, a voice that is listened to, fair compensation, and most importantly, unwavering respect.

At TMT, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. In a world where performative activism can blanket social media, we are proud to cultivate a company where inclusivity is not a checkbox from HR but rather an authentic part of our company’s values.

I’m humbled to work alongside these incredible women.”

Tanya Gamarian is our brilliant frontend UI/UX leader who immerses herself within the complex data and ecosystems of our clients and in return delivers elegant and intuitive visual experiences.